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Wood and steel structures

Welcome to Groupage Teknik Yapi Insaat Ltd.

Our firm - specialized on wood and steel constructions. We have been building wood houses and steel infrastructures for 23 years.

Since last 3 years , we have been supplying interior and outdoor design furniture items. We have two seperate steel and wood workshops.

Our working way is based on project or client’s needs . We don’t produce standart items

News from us
Groupage Co. Extraordinary Tiny House Projects

The newly tailor designed compact Tiny House was designed in an RV concept providing an experience that can hardly be matched by any..

Hazır Mutfak

Log cabins

Log cabin homes are more energy efficient than “traditional” homes. Log cabin homes are uniquely designed to help you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thanks to the R-value of wood used in a properly built home.

Doğaltaş Ürünleri

Tiny house projects

Tiny houses have better insulation than RV's. Insulation keeps sounds out and makes it easier to control the temperature inside. ... Tiny houses tend to hold their value or even increase in value as houses do. If you are looking to live small with minimal travel, a tiny house might be perfect for you.

Metal Ürünleri

Wood Furniture Projects

Our abilities to work not only with wood, but also with other unusual materials - and for a number of different applications. We welcome your inquiries or questions you may have about these unique endeavors.


Why Groupage Teknik Ltd?

Our company, which has many years of knowledge in the field of steel and wooden structures, is competent in the realization of domestic and international projects. It uses its knowledge on foreign trade, customs clearance processes and logistics with its stakeholders and becomes a solution partner for them. While making cost effective production planning, it can analyze the needs of its customers correctly and respond quickly to their demands.

Completed Projects
Bungalow House Project - Çatalca / Istanbul Villa Marble application project - Adana Villa Marble application project - Adana Villa Interior design project - Adana Veranda Cafe pub marble application and furnishing project Triangle Wooden House Project - Sakarya Bungalow House Project 2 - Çatalca / Istanbul Hotel marble application Project - Istanbul Cafe Pub Onyx marble project - Istanbul Triangle Wooden House Project 2 - Sakarya